bow_cover_albumBOW & ARROW: plus49 are a band without stylistic boundaries. For 10 years they have been focussing on projects, creative ideas and musical experiments. Music has always been their focus. plus49 stands for motion and constant change. They have released various records, singles and soundtracks. They composed the announcement signal for Cologne/Bonn airport, music for art exhibitions and TV productions. The idea behind their last album “Integrity and Injury” (2009) was to compose 18 songs – each of them with its own style, all totally different from each other. Thus plus49 created a little piece of art, music that is entirely unique like the track “Naive Brother”. After having finished “Integrity and Injury” and having been creative despite commercial pressures and regulations, the band has been able to concentrate on their concerts and single projects over the last years.

After the beautifully melancholic “Sad in One Hour” year 2012 was dominated by the “Bow and Arrow” crowd funding project. The idea behind was a single production that revealed the mechanisms of music business in times of declining profits, copyright discussions and commercial glut. The band talked about financial loss and about missing budgets. Thus they could convince their fans to raise Euro 3450 for a single track. “Bow and Arrow” was successfully financed, was produced by Ekki Maas (Erdmöbel) and was finally mastered by Christian Wright (Muse, Keane, Bryan Ferry, Franz Ferdinand) at Abbey Road studios. Since November the single has been on various playlists of German radio stations and was released as a limited vinyl edition. On 29/1/2013 the band’s fourth album was international released. This time its music is more spontaneous, up tempo, straighter und comes straight from the heart.